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Generally, how much support should I expect to receive from upper management at Intel?

Support - Managers are very supportive to their interns. The work hours are flexible. Typically it requires to meet deadlines for the deliverables. One can come late and leave early in the office but at the same time to meet deliverables one might work after hours as well. If an Intern has a clas...
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What are some valuable skills and qualities needed to succeed at Intel Corporation?

Hard work. Seems simple enough, but this is not just working hard but also working smart. To succeed at Intel you need to be able to add more value to your team than they next person they could hire. As a CMU grad, you are expected to bring your training from the classroom into your office wor...
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How would you describe the company culture at Intel?

Competitive but friendly. Intel hires individuals that can bring something positive to the table and have a strong work ethic. You will feel supported by your colleagues, trainers and shift managers. Truly, Intel takes care of their employees and awards those that have went above and beyond in th...
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What kind of compensation should I expect as an Intern at Intel Corporation?

A monthly gross (before-tax) salary of $(6500 + x*500), where x is the year you finished in your graduate studies, can be expected. For example, if you are interning after your second year your salary can be around $7500/month ($90000 annual). The compensation may vary depending on the department...
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How would you recommend me approaching my technical interview at Intel?

The interview process wasn't too bad at all. For the data center position, I had one phone call with the manager and one on-site with two members of the data center team. Just be prepared to talk about your technical experience. They did ask me a few questions about Linux commands during the inte...
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What does a process control engineer actually do at your company?

A process control engineer is responsible for ensuring that a production process and related equipment are running reliably and effectively. This includes monitoring equipment and process parameters, planning upgrades and maintenance, and developing and implementing changes that improve uptime an...
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I am loving my internship as an environmental engineer at Intel. Any tips on turning that into a full-time offer?

Due to the nature of our business, Intel is made up of a lot of Type A personalities. We therefore value people who are self-starters, are passionate about the quality of their work, completes projects as agreed to, and takes it upon themselves to learn. Intel also believes in establishing a pipe...
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Intel’s a big company, so I’m assuming they have a mentorship program. How i this structured? Is it very effective in helping young professionals succeed?

Out of the few companies that I have worked for so far, Intel has been the best at mentorship. One of my biggest career mistakes was not getting a mentor early on in my career at Intel. Having a mentor and networking can offer other career opportunities. I deeply regret not doing these activit...
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I have my environmental engineer interview at Intel in a few weeks. What qualities or experiences should I prioritize?

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), a candidate should highlight their interest in Environmental Engineering. Any previous work experience or class focus should show that you are interested in this field. We get a lot of candidates that have more of an interest in “sustainability”, which is great b...
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How does my role as a software engineer contribute to Intel's general mission as a company?

Intel believes in creating technology that improves people's lives. My web application project helped Intel with creating a starting point for data management for PC configuration data, which greatly simplifies the work of future developers working on the project and improves organization within ...
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Can anyone offer any specific advice for someone going into an interview for a manufacturing technician role at Intel?

A few: - The interview will be a behavioral interview. Remember, you must keep a level head no matter what happens. - You will most likely be interviewed by more than one person at a time. - Know exactly why you are working for this position and where you see yourself in 5+ years....
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How would you describe the daily tasks of a manufacturing technician at Intel?

MT’s work a compressed workweek, 12 hours a day, 3 and 4 days a week. So, my shift was shift 5, Sunday, thru Tuesday, 6 am to 6pm, one week. Sunday thru Wednesday the next. The other shifts were shift 4, Sat night thru Tuesday night, 6pm to 6am. Shift 6 & 7 were weds thru Saturday nights……It soun...
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So what does a software engineer at Intel actually do?

A software engineer generally gets a job where his skills in programming languages are highly essential, like python, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. No one actually expects you to know by heart all the syntax of the programming languages, but if you can then that is just great. It is fine if yo...
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What skills are needed to succeed as a Data Center Intern at Intel Corporation?

Having prior experience with Linux would be very useful. We worked a lot in the terminal with vi, so that would be good to know in addition to basic Linux commands.
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Any great advice for turning my internship at Intel into a full-time offer?

Keep communication open, ask questions, show that you have the ability to learn, and communicate to people that you are wanting to work here. Also, be open to any position. Once you are in, it is easier to move around and get to a position that you desire.
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What does a logic design engineer do?

In short - they design IP blocks for either existing IPs or new IPs. Detailed: A typical role will be based on the experience. If the engineer is fresher, then he would be initially tasked to run some design related tools and analysis the design or assist the verification team to fix the bugs. A...
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What does a typical day entail for a Logic Design Engineer at Intel like?

A typical day is usually covered with 30mins of reading emails and following up with verification engineers, 2-3 hours of design thinking on RTL, 1 hour of coding and 1 hour of experiment and 1 hour of interaction with microarchitect or architect or coworker. The meetings usually are status updat...
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Is there decent work-life balance for design engineers at Intel?

It varies on few important things. The biggest issue with Bangalore is the traffic. If you like close to the campus, this is least worried about thing. Second, typically during time of release (once or twice or thrice a year), we spend more time (like 10-12hours a day) doing work. Usually its se...
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Any pros/cons of being a Manufacturing Technician at Intel?

I liked the pay/benefits, my team, 12 hr shifts ( 3-4 day weekends), working with and learning about cutting-edge technologies, and sense of accomplishment/pride from helping advance technology. I disliked my schedule (night shift 7pm-7am), not getting to do creative problem solving (almost all ...
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What is the day to day like for a manufacturing technician at Intel Corp?

The job roles are different depending on which area you are in and which location you are at. There are differences between equipment, engineering, and manufacturing technicians. As an equipment technician, our primary focus is to ensure that the equipment is working properly. This means that we ...
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