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What did you like, and maybe dislike, about being a R&D Intern at Intel?

I like being a part of a research team which helps me to grow professionally. I get to learn a lot from my senior colleagues. This internship also helps me for my own PhD research. I get to present my work to the team and get their feedback. I am directly contributing for the future products. I ...
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Can anyone give any tips or advice on what to expect in an interview for an R&D Intern role at Intel Corporation?

It depends on interviewer. Like I mentioned in the first question, there are different personalities. They might ask basic questions. For example: if you are looking for a software engineering job, they might ask you to send them an algorithm to verify your skills or if you are looking for hardwa...
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What do you actually do if you are a Data Center Intern at Intel?

As a Data Center Intern at Intel, I was basically troubleshooting machines in the data centers here at their HQ in Santa Clara. Our supervisors essentially assigned us a row or section within the data center, and we were in charge of fixing any issues that arose. If a machine was down, we'd get i...
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How much independence did you get while working at Intel as a data center intern?

I had a lot of ownership of my work at Intel. It was very independent work. I don't think the supervisors had time to manage/hover over us constantly, which is why the interns were each given their own set of machines to consistently monitor. I had one-on-ones every now and again, but I'd say the...
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Anyone know what skills are needed to succeed as a Mixed Signal Verification Intern at Intel?

Skill set - Typically verification engineers need to know Verilog, SystemVerilog, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) flow for custom and ASIC design. It also includes fundamentals of VLSI and Advanced VLSI design, Computer Architecture and Computer Arithmetic. In my role, I additionally need to k...
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Anyone have any tips on what I should know before an interview for a Materials R&D Engineer role at Intel Corporation?

Try to understand the group and its responsibilities, who are the groups that support you and who are the (internal) customers, and stakeholders. How is the group dynamics between these different groups and how much of the challenges are strategic vs tactical. 
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What's a day in the life of a Materials R&D Engineer at Intel Corporation like?

This is highly dependent on the group that you work in. Some groups work only with internal stakeholders and have a different day to day work routine. People working on far out R&D for Components Research have experience similar to academia. While on the other hand of spectrum if you support manu...
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What does the training for a supply chain intern at Intel look like?

- Review Intel's safety features & employee training - Work under a manager, who assigns you 2-3 projects and mentors for each project to work with in your team. Meet with this manager a minimum of once a week. - You are assigned a mentor within Intel on a different team within Supply Chain, who ...
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What skills are needed to succeed as an intern at Intel?

I don't think you need any additional skills other than basic knowledge and ability to use the tools that are used in the group you are applying for. They give you a project based on your background and abilities. Depending on the group you work with you might not have too much interaction with y...
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Any advice for turning my internship as a Software Eng Intern at Intel Corporation into a full-time offer?

Communicate with your manager about your progress on your project. Ask for help when needed, but do a lot of research on your own. Network with other coworkers.
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What was your motivation to becoming a manufacturing technician at Intel?

Curiosity and a desire to understand what industrial manufacturing is. I wanted to have a more fundamental understanding of the physical and chemical processes behind the wafer and semiconductor technologies made by Intel. There is a stark contrast when it comes to reading about these processes v...
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How would my role as a Validation Engineer contribute to Intel Corporation's mission?

It has become part of Intel's core mission. In 1994, Intel released a chip where the floating point unit had an error when dividing very large numbers. While the significance of this bug is debated, Intel's name got drug through the mud because of their handling of this bug. Ever since then, t...
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As a project manager, what do/did you like and dislike while at Intel?

Like: Great work-life balance, Flexibility, decent pay Dislike: We need to be ready to take phone call after hours. Large organization, sometimes we do not have much visibility.
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What would you say you like and dislike the most about being a Software Engineer at Intel?

Likes: Your work does changes the world, and you can see it happen very swiftly. Dislikes: You don't change the world everyday. Some days its lot of maintenance work. Other issues are more general like unsupportive manager, issues with pay, team etc, which can happen anywhere. Sometimes its a lot...
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On the other end of the spectrum, for mechanical engineers, what were the highs and lows of working at Intel?

Intel sets each intern up with a manager, an experienced mentor, and a young buddy. This was really nice as I could get help on my projects from my mentor and could have a buddy to help me settle in and show me what they do. Lots of the young eminders were happy to have me shadow them to learn ab...
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When working as a "Manufacturing Technician" at Intel, what did you like and dislike?

LIKES: - Manufacturing Technicians (MT’s) are the backbone of the semiconductor industry. Every year we would hear rumors that Engineering was working on semiconductor processes that did not require human intervention. Yet, every year we were in high demand. - We received bonuses based on our pe...
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Would someone provide me an quick look at what a industrial engineering data analytics intern does at Intel?

Basically, an IE Data analytics intern generates reports to give an overview or how and how much inventory is being used, are there any issues in processing items, and data quality check. I used to generate excel and tableau reports (mainly graphs) for the upper-level management to view and make ...
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Does Intel do a good job of upholding and standing by its proclaimed company values?

Intel has very strict corporate policies. They value their employees a lot! I had the best manager when I was interning. I learned a lot from her. The people are friendly, work hours are flexible, you even get a software which monitors if you're over-burdening yourself with work. Overall, it's aw...
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How much should I expect to be paid as an Industrial Engineering Data Analytics intern at Intel Corporation?

Intel generally offers $32.5 per hour. I knew someone who negotiated on that, but I wouldn't recommend that.
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Specifically, what skills are needed to succeed as an IBM Logistics Intern?

An understanding of transportation logistics (time and cost factors) and understanding of how a 3PL works, and network with the people in your team.
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