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Civil Engineer I-IV

A Civil Engineer performs professional engineering work in the investigation, development, design, construction and maintenance of engineering projects.  Work assignments are usually broad in scope and require use of mature judgment in making decisions of appreciable difficulty.  Assignments are made and work is reviewed by the City Engineer or engineer of a higher grade, and major technical or policy problems are discussed with them before action is taken.

​A Civil Engineer may be called upon to do any or all of the following (these examples do not include all of the tasks which the employee may be expected to perform):

  • Design roads, sewers, water mains, park and building improvements and other public facilities.
  • Prepare plans, designs, layouts and specifications for proposed construction projects and prepare estimates of costs, specifications and assessment districts.
  • Make preliminary field surveys for public improvements, such as sewers, water mains, pavements, sidewalks, public buildings, parks, green infrastructure, etc.
  • Prepare design documents for public improvements, including plans, profiles, details, notes, specifications, and computations of quantities.
  • Oversee and review engineering work done by consultants for the city.
  • Make preliminary and final estimates for payments to private contractors.
  • Supervise the construction and inspection of public improvements.
  • Conduct special surveys and prepare reports for specific purposes.
  • Prepare and submit activity reports.
  • Perform other work as assigned.

For pay purposes, the classification of Civil Engineer is divided into four grades which are distinguished from one another on the following basis:

   Grade I      Includes positions which require the performance of professional engineering work which may on occasion involve exercising supervision of other subordinates.

   Grade II     Includes positions which require the performance of high level professional engineering work, registration as a professional engineer, and involves supervision over Civil Engineers I and other subordinates.

   Grade III    Includes positions which require the overall performance of a professionally registered engineer and which involve supervision over Civil Engineers I and II, other subordinates and consultants.

   Grade IV   Includes all requirements of previous Civil Engineer grades, works directly for the City Engineer, includes additional capital planning and budgeting work, staff oversite, coordination with other departments, and coordination with the city commission.