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Nuclear Submarine Officer (Utah & Idaho)

About this Job

Submarines are the cornerstone of the Navy’s conflict avoidance and resolution, and naturally, the Officers who man these ships are held to the highest of standards and have extraordinary roles and responsibilities. Only a select group of disciplined and committed Officers are given the opportunity to lead departments up to an entire crew, commanding some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. As one of these highly-skilled Officers, you could be in charge of any of the following:
·     Operating a nuclear reactor and nuclear propulsion system
·     Maintaining onboard weapons systems
·     Managing atmosphere control and fire control
·     Driving the vessel and charting its position
·     Operating communications and intelligence equipment
Whether on a covert, classified mission or a typical day of operation, as a Submarine Officer you’ll gain valuable lifelong experiences, advanced nuclear training and high-level responsibility from day one. Submarine Officers are exposed to a variety of different work environments – from academic settings to training on prototype units to eventual sea tours and shore assignments. The time spent on submarines involves deployments of a few to several months at a time, requiring the obvious adjustment to life on a submarine. Here, however, you will find technology, surroundings and experience that rate among the most unique and impressive in the Navy today. Once fully qualified, members may go on to hold positions that involve instructing, advising, consulting, recruiting or even commanding a submarine.
Our people are our most valuable assets, so we care for them well. With world-class training, opportunity to pay for college and advanced degrees, access to the best health care in the country, retirement plans, tax incentives, and more perks than you could have imagined, Navy active-duty benefits are the most competitive out there.
•      A regular monthly income ranging from $3,280 to $5,610 for up to 30 months prior to your graduation   
•      Receive $15,000 upon Selection and $2,000 upon Completion of Nuclear Propulsion Training
•      Free Graduate Education through Post 9/11 GI Bill
•      Opportunities to travel the world
•      30 days of paid vacation time each year
•      Competitive and pay and bonuses - Lieutenant total compensation at 4 years of Service ($112,343.76 - with dependents stationed in San Diego)
•      Automatic Promotions based on ability and performance
•      Comprehensive medical and dental
•      Low-cost childcare services
•      Excellent retirement benefits including Blended Retirement System/Pension and 5% 401K Government matching contribution
To be an eligible candidate, you must be:
•      A U.S. Citizen
•      19-29 years old
•      Can apply within 30 months of graduation and currently enrolled full time, OR have obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
•      Completion of one year of calculus through differential and integral calculus with a grade of C or better
•      Completion of one year of calculus-based physics with a grade of B or better
• Be able to get a TS security Clearance
Makeup of a competitive candidate:
•      GPA > 3.1, preferably in preferably in mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry or other technical areas
•      Outstanding character
•      Extra-curricular activities
•      Community involvement
•      Great leadership potential
•      Excellent communication skills