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Student Ambassador- Legacy Youth Leadership

Application / Interview Period: October 22nd, 2021 - December 3rd, 2021

Start Date / End Date: January 31st, 2021 - July 31st, 2022 (training Jan. 3rd - Jan. 30th)

Requirements: Must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license, insurance, and reliable source of transportation.

Location: Training takes place virtually through an online training platform. Work is remote with a mix of local, in-person and nationwide, virtual presentations. Ambassadors will not be expected to travel further than 3 hours from their home-base to give in-person presentations unless prior arrangements are made for special events.

Number of Positions: We’re looking for 14 college-aged Ambassadors scattered across the country (and potentially, the world!). States/general areas are listed below, but if you think you can help us expand into a new location that’s not listed, please apply and let us know where you can help us GROW!

  • Alabama: Tuscaloosa
  • Arizona: Phoenix
  • California: Santa Clara, Palo Alto, San Diego
  • Florida: Miami, Orlando
  • Georgia: Atlanta
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Kansas / Missouri: Kansas City
  • Nevada: Las Vegas
  • Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
  • Texas: Austin, Dallas
  • Utah: Salt Lake City
  • Washington D.C. / Maryland: Annapolis
  • Wisconsin: Green Bay, Milwaukee

About Legacy Youth Leadership + Thirst Project:
Legacy Youth Leadership is a non-profit organization that works to build a socially-conscious and active generation of young people by providing free educational and activism programs to supplement students’ existing school and youth development. We partner with cause-focused organizations to educate students about pressing issues and activate them to make a positive impact. Our current partner, Thirst Project, is the world’s leading youth water activism organization, working to see the END of the global water crisis. 

Why Thirst Project? 
Right now, 785 million people do not have access to clean drinking water, and Thirst Project is committed to doing something about it. Since 2008, our students have helped Thirst Project fund over 3,000 water projects that have provided safe, clean water to more than 500,000 people in 13 countries. Together, our goal is to end the water crisis and develop a generation of young leaders along the way. Bold? Yes. Attainable? Yes, but not without you.

We’re looking for passionate and energetic people who are committed to educating young people about current social issues while pushing students to take action around the causes they care about, including (but not limited to!) the global water crisis. Ambassadors for the Trailblazer Program are remote agents who will be spearheading the charge of motivating students to take action through our Student Leadership and/or Student Speaker programs. So… you’re kind of a big deal.

This opportunity begins with 4 weeks of virtual training in January, followed by 6 months of outreach and presentations through the end of July. We’ll give you all the tools & swag to become a master at giving high energy, highly motivational, presentations to audiences of all sizes and demographics. Your speech will be one of the many tools in your arsenal to inspire students to make a tangible impact in the world and help end the global water crisis! At the end of the day, your main goal is CONVERSION! You will invite every student you meet to join the programs offered by LYL so they can develop the skills to take action and change the world!

  1. Give 10 (or more!) highly motivational, 30-40 minute presentations to thousands of young people. You’re basically Beyonce (minus a few million Insta followers).
  2. Become an expert on social issues, like the global water crisis, and how to help students start their leadership journey to make an impact on the world today! 
  3. Educate and motivate students before the presentation, during the presentation, after the presentation, at the gas station, at Subway, on Insta and Snapchat…. you get the point.
  4. We’re BIG goal people around here! We’ll set goals for presentations, butts-in-seats, conversion rates, all that good stuff— You will help us CRUSH them!
  5. Inspire ALL students to be part of our mentorship programs at the end of every presentation. We want students to go on a life changing journey to better themselves and better the world.
  6. Manage student leaders & school logistics to ensure presentations are properly planned, executed, and followed up with in a timely manner. You got 99 problems, but organization ain’t one.
  7. You will connect with teachers and students in your world to get them to say “YES!” to a School Tour presentation. We will help by providing some outreach guidance and top notch promotional content, of course!
  8. Capture content from presentations to use on Thirst Project's & Legacy Youth Leadership's social media channels. Photos, videos, Tik-Toks-- this is your time to shine!
  9. Participate in monthly virtual check-in meetings with HQ and your Ambassador team. It’s YOUR job to build and manage your school tour; but it’s OUR job to help you succeed! 

Skills Required:
  1. Charisma: Confident and articulate presenter with the ability to captivate the audience.
  2. Outgoing: Must feel comfortable talking & connecting with anyone you meet.
  3. Self-starter: Ability to multi-task is a must, detail oriented (this is huge), logistically sound, with a self starter mentality.
  4. Student-centered: You're driven, not just by giving people clean water, but by growing students into leaders! You must love to work with young people because you will be the face of our student programs, encouraging young people to join us and change the world.
  5. FUN! Youthful, highly relational, with student leadership experience preferred. Tell us you can lead young people without actually telling us you can lead young people!
  1. FREE ticket to the next Legacy Summit at Pepperdine University (with your fellow Ambassadors) for a 4-day leadership camp. Think Coachella + TedTalk + camping trip with your favorite humans + contagious energy comparable to a golden retriever puppy.
  2. The Ambassador with the highest conversion rate (# of students joining LYL programs) will get a trip to eSwatini to see the impact of their work firsthand.
  3. The Ambassador that speaks to the most students (aka: gets the most butts in seats!) will get a trip to the annual Legacy Ball/Thirst Gala to meet everyone in the LYL + Thirst Project world and be celebrated for literally trailblazing a new path of world-changers in their community.
  4. SUPER flexible scheduling. Literally. The work is remote so you pretty much build your own schedule. You get out what you put in!
  5. Compensation for up to ten presentations that you will give! As well as reimbursement for ALL Ambassador-related travel AND bonuses depending on performance!
Other AMAZING Perks:
  1. Leadership skills – you’ll perfect your public speaking technique, your ability to move people, network, and even hone some technical skills that’ll make you an attractive candidate for ANY job. #GetYouSomeoneWhoCanDoItALL
  2. Be a part of something HUGE: Our partnership with Thirst Project has us committed to bringing the entire country of eSwatini clean water. You get to say you helped make that happen. Don’t humble brag that ish.
  3. #Squad: This is a super competitive position. You’ll be part of the biggest, baddest, thirstiest squad out there making social change. Wherever you go, you’ll meet amazing young people and super inspiring (and successful) adults who are obsessed with what we do.
  4. Fun surprises: You’ll never know what you have waiting for you throughout the year (we aren’t creepy, we promise)!
Our School Tour is the most important piece of Legacy Youth Leadership’s partnership with Thirst Project and the main way we reach students with our mission. We only grow as YOU go with the message of the water crisis. If you are ready to be the foundation of this movement then please apply!

How to apply:
Whether you’ve been helping out our partner, Thirst Project, for years or you’re new here, we want you to APPLY! Good news is‒ it’s SUPER simple! Just send a one-page resume AND a fun one-minute video detailing a little bit about yourself and why you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador. Send to with the subject line: (YOUR FIRST NAME) WANTS TO LEAVE A LEGACY! Don’t forget to include contact information so we can connect! 
*Note, we’re severely allergic to boring cover letters and resumes. Be creative. Be YOU.*